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International Publication

Isolated Renal Zygomycosis: Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Criteria with Experience of a Tertiary Care Center

Fracture of the penis: a radiological or clinical diagnosis? A case series and literature review

The Case - Milky urine and The Diagnosis - Chyluria

Detection of new amino acid markers of liver trauma by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gabapentin: A novel drug as add-on therapy in cases of refractory overactive bladder in children

Labial fusion causing pseudoincontinence in an 3 elderly woman

Blunt abdominal injury: Serum ALT–—A marker of liver injury and a guide to assessment of its severity

Post-traumatic urethral strictures in children: What have we learned over the years?

Trans-vaginal total pelvic floor repair using customized pro lene mesh: A safe and cost-effective approach for high-grade pelvic organ prolapse

Female Urology - Incontinence