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Patients Testimonial

Master Nitish
We came to fortis hospital mohali for kidney transplant,here we met to Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan ,in first meeting with sir we had decided that we will plan our surgery here,becoz my son is 10 yr old.I visited many hospital and met lot of doctors.but Dr ranjan is best in all of them ,he is excilent surgeon,his dealing with patients is fabulous. Main thing is that the transplant process is very smooth and systematical. We get our transplant done in 15 days,all medical and legal aspect done very quickly.As we know kidney transplant have lot of formalities, it take months to complete,but here i did very early because of sister saravjeet.I want to recommend every dialysis patient to get their transplant done as early as possible.because the life is only on transplant,I want to say thanks to Dr ranjan who give my son new life.

Mr Balbir Singh
I came to fortis hospital mohali for kidney transplant ,here I met with Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan.I visited many hospital for transplant ,but I think that was my very wise decision I chose Dr Ranjan as my transplant surgeon.he is very dedicated,methodical,qualified surgeon.he is very soft spoken and always ready for help of his patients.he is best surgeon in this world who make me healthy and fit ,now my create is normal and I joined my job again.I will highly recommend every dialysis patient to meet sir and take your decision for transplant and live healthy life.thank you so much sir to give me new life.besttransplantsurgeon#goodresults#sucessful kidneytransplant???

Mr Rajendra Ram
Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan, highly qualified and experienced kidney transplant surgeon. He is capable to handle any kidney transplant situation. He has positive behaviour towards his patients and able to take fast decisions regarding his field. He has been very cooperative and polite both during dialysis and transplant. He is very accurate in his knowledge because of his focus and experience. He has given a new life not only to me but my whole family and our swap party. We appreciate his efforts for promoting swap case donations and bringing non compatible blood group donation technology, these have bought new hopes among many patients. We are heartly thankful to Dr Ranjan and his team members.

Parmod Kumar
Dr ranjan whenever we hear about surgery a feeling of pain n cuts come in our mind but Ranjan Doctor is a surgeon of love n affection pains dissapear n healings appear. He is not a surgeon nor a doctor rather he is a God father for every person,with a smiling face with a confidence of success n no doubt he reaches to his goals.I Vibha had come across many doctors in last two years who were just mere aDOCTOR,but Dr Ranjan realises the actual pain of his patients and treat them as a real human which is a great quality.We are very happy and greatful to God for having such a person in our life.

Asha Devi
It was a very healthful experience for us at Fortis Mohali, Especially of our concern for kidney transplant. We are very thankful of Dr. Priyadarshi ranjan and all members of kidney transplant team. The way Dr. Ranjan used to acknowledge the patients about their disease and options of available treatment is just phenomenal. He remains calm every time and talk politely every time we came across to every appointment with him. Even of such diseases like renal failure,patients just feared even hearing the disease names. He doesn't let us feel we are facing such a acute problem. We wish him a great full life and success. And continue to treat patients.

Mrs Seema Rani
There is now word to explain the qualities and enteligets for Dr Ranjan in medical field perhaps he is the angel of god to send on this earth to eliminate the masieries of poor and needy persons.we belong to Ambala area and he helped us to get transplant my wife without any payment at the time of surgery.I pray GOd to help him and his family and other staff.MAy he live long.

Mr Vinod Kumar
I am vinod Kumar ,my kidney transplant surgery was done last month in fortis hospital mohali.I want to say thanks to Dr Ranjan ,who gave me new life .I ll recommend every dialysis patient to come and meet to sir , he is very qualified surgeon .I am very lucky I choose Dr ranjan and now in his follow up.my creatinine is normal.besttransplantsurgeon #sucessfullkidneytransplant #earlytransplant????

Mr Vinish Katoch
Dr Priyadarshi Rajan words are not enough for him. He is excellent doctor in field and off the field ..He is very carring , helpfull and take care of his patients ...Nature is very good always ready to help the people..He is best in his profession . Best doctor I have ever seen in my life.

Mrs Kanwaljit Kaur
Dr Ranjan is an genius doctor and he treats every patient very politely and knowlegeably.He doesn't let the patient feel that he is a doctor and he lets them feel that he is their great friend . He is like a God for the patient and gives them another life.

Nirmal Singh
I am nirmal singh from sangrur.i came to fortis hospital mohali for kidney transplant .my swap kidney transplant was done on 21 march 2016.I am very thankful to Dr priyadarshi ranjan for my sucessfull surgery.he is very qualified surgeon and best surgeon. thank you so much for your efforts .

Mohan lal
Dr ranjan is a very good doctor and good man. We first time meet to Dr.sahib June 2015.My nephew Mohan lal was kidney fail patient.But today good heath after kidney transplant.Dr.sahib very very experienced doctor.Dr. many me meet all speak for Dr. Sahib good doctor in Punjab & Haryana.I suggest any kidney problem that quaiky meet Dr. Ranjan sahib. I request to God that Dr sahib always keep healthy.
Thanks & Regards
Mohan lal
Sardulgarh Mansa, Punjab

Ashwani Bansal
Dr ranjan is excellent doctor which I found in my life when I meet him at that time i am on dialysis since 8 months and he has suggest me to go for transplant and also guide me very well. This only him who save my life and now my creatin level is 1.00 and I am happy in my life. Dr ranjan always give comfort to the patient and guide very honestly. I personally advice to every patient to meet him personally and you will find change in your life.

Jagtar Singh
My experience is Dr Ranjan is good.he had done my transplant October 2015 as a swap case because my wife's blood group is not match with me.so I decide for swapping.my transplant is successful because of Dr Ranjan.I thankful to Dr ranjan who save my life.

Jagbir Kaur
Dr ranjan is very expert in his field,not only as a Dr as a person he is very nice .he transplant the kidney of my uncle jagpal Singh ,donar was my father labh Singh.we are completely satisfied from Dr.ranjan.it is not enough if we can say that Dr.ranjan as a god for patients

Narinder Kumar
My dearest feelings towards Dr . Ranjan ,he is very polite in nature. His experienced and professionalism helps my life to be extentend Me and my family are very thankful to you ..... You are like angel for me and my family Once again I m glad I have been treated under you observation ..

Satnam Singh
Dr ranjan is very nice.his nature and attitude towards patients good.according to me all over experience is good with Doctor Ranajn. Doctor Ranjan is very friendly with all patient's.his treatment very effective for me. After transplant I am living a healthy life. He is best Doctor in the world.

We are really indebted to the services rendered by Dr Priya darshi ranjan .his attitude towards the patients and the behaviour smilindly attending his patient .is really very commendable and appreciable.the patient feel all together safe and secure in his hands.it is the general oppinoin of all and one about his survices is being acknowledged gladly and satisfactorily. Parents of Ompreet singh Rekha rani and Satvir singh from Ludhiana

Taro Devi
Visited For Kidney transplant, We came to Dr.Priyadarshi Ranjan for kidney transplant .I got my all formalities done in 5 days and transplant in a week.Today I am going to discharge from hospital .I want to say thanks to Dr.Ranjan for my successful kidney transplant.##earlykidneytransplant#goodresultof kidneytransplant#bestkidneytransplant#bestkidneytransplantsurgeon##

Mr Gurmit Singh
My experience with Dr ranjan is good.my kidney transplant had done by Dr ranjan.he is very expert in his field.I advise all kidney desease patients to meet with Dr ranjan.god bless him.

Mr Jugal Kishor
Dr ranjan is very excellent Dr in the world.his nature is very good.he traets patients very friendly and politely. may god bless him.

Usha Dembla
Fully satisfied with his treatment.very dedicated doctor.very motivation and inspiring. He deserves full marks for his efforts.I will highly recommend dr ranjan to everyone who has urology problem .he is very qualified surgeon.

Jagpal Singh
Dr.priyadarshi ranjan is best doctor according to me.he is very polite and soft spoken.whenever we met him he treat us like a family member.I hope he will also cooperate in future. Sir thanks for your correct guidance for our patient.

Nitin Verm
Visited For Prostate Laser Surgery, Doctor ranjan,did a great job in resolving my problems,which I have been facing from long,10 on 10 to ranjan sir, thanks

Dr ranjan is excellent transplant surgeon .god b!ESS him for excellent work . we would like to recommend other patients who are suffering from renal failure for better medical treatment here.the facilities in the hospital are also good.

Dr ranjan is very good in his field . I am very thankful .. I was suffering from CKD since my childhood ..thank you Dr ranjan you give me a second chance to live my life .

Dr ranjan is perfect sergeon in the world.according to me he is perfect in his field . he is very polite and friendly with patient . he had done my transplant June 2015.today I m fit efforts of Dr Ranjan.god bless him.

Mohd Shahnawa
Dr. Ranjan is the best doctor in the world in my view and in my knowledge , he is very kind hearted,polite and friendly to the patient.

Harjit Singh
Dr ranjan is best surgeon in the world.when I had meet Dr ranjan I feel after transplant I live long life.today I am fit.I am satisfied with his treatment. Thank you so much sir ji.

Ruldu Singh
My experience with Dr Ranjan is good.my kidney transplant had done in Dec.2014 with weight 160kg.today I am fit all credit goes to only Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan.I really thanakful to Dr Ranjan who gave me second life.God bless him.

Rajinder Singh
Visited For Urology, Got good response the hospital and the doctor ranjan.my operation is successful of urinenery bladder.I am satisfied with the course of treatment given by the Dr Ranjan.I really apriciate Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan.

Dr ranjan is very best doctor. He gave me a new life,I very thankful to him ,bcz of him I enjoy my life.from my mother father side very thanks to Dr priyadarshi ranjan saibabaji bless u.

Parmod Kumar
My sincere and heartiest thanks to Dr Ranjan for extending my life. His nature is courtious and friendly ,And shows highest degree of professionalism. Me and my entire family will be in debited through out our life.

Gurbakshas Singh
Visited For Urology, I have been under treatment of Dr Ranjan for prostrate surgery and follow up procedures.I found him competent ,considerate and highly professional. I have been throughly satisfied and reassured.Maj Gen Gurbakhash Singh

Gurchatan Singh
My transplant had done march 2015 by Dr ranjan.Dr ranjan is very experienced Dr.he is the best Dr in the world for me who had done my transplant successfully. May he live long.

Krishan Kumar
Visited For Urolog, My experience with Dr Rnjan is good.he explain all problems of patients with detail.his treatment is very effective. God bless him.

Ashwani Kashyap
Dr ranjan is a very good in his profaction and good nature he is very careing very friendly and polite. He is very helpful for all patients may good bless him

G.R Chumber
Visited For Urology, Dr ranjan is a thorough professional and a competent surgen having updated knowledge of his stream urology.it has been a very nice experience to have surgery and the followup treatment by him . wish him all the best.

Amandeep Singh
Dr ranjan is very good surgeon.his behaviour with patient is good.my transplant had done April 2015.today I ambselutly fine because of Dr Ranjan.

Govind Singh
Dr ranjan is a very helpful doctor. Treatment process by Dr. Ranjan is better than other doctor,I feel. I am totally satisfied by Dr. Ranjan's treatment.

Karam Singh
Dr. Priyadarshi ranjan is very excellent .he saved my life he is my favourite Dr.when I want to meet he meets in a good way .

Krishan Kewa
Dr. Ranjan is the best doctor is this world for me. He is GOD for all of person whose suffering from kidney deases as like me

Gurtej Singh
Dr Ranjan is very good surgeon.my transplant done 2013 by Dr Ranjan.today I am fit.I thankful to Dr ranjan.may he live long.

Sashi Bala
I want to thanks Dr ranjan for saving my sons life and giving him second life. Mr. Ranjan is not only a good doctor but a good human being also. For our family he isf second god.

Sukhmider Singh
Dr ranjan is very experienced surgeon,he did my kidney transplant surgery in 2013.I am absolutely fine.

Harinder Kumar
Visited For Kidney transplant Very good doctor.gives full support to the patients. Staff members are also supportive.will recommend to others.

Gaganinder Sing
Visited For Kidney transplant Dr ranjan ...he's great man and treat us like a friend .......Dr ranjan very nice person and very helpful man...thnku sir give me other life....thnku very much ...

Kuldeep kumar
Visited For Kidney transplant Dr priyadarshi ranjan is perfact doctor alls transplant is saksaisfull so thanks too sir g and my transplant saiksful.

Yuv raj kumar
Visited For Kidney transplant Dr Ranjan has excellent experience. He has keen interest in his work. There is spirit of team work.I have seen no lack in treatment and in good behave.May He bless Dr Ranjan with long life and his team

Visited For Kidney transplant My experience With Dr Ranjanis great. He is a great doctors gives me second life.my kidney transplant is successful only because of his great job. He is very friendly and polite with patients. He is perfect in his work.

Visited For Kidney transplant Dr ranjan is very good surgeon.he treats patient friendly and polite.he is best doctor in the world and I feel better after transplant.

Mr surinder kumar
Visited For Kidney transplant The way Dr Ranjan treats the patient is very exceelent. Patient feels confidence under him. This is a good for patient recovery.

Mr suresh goel
Visited For Diabetes Renal Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Whole procedure and services are satisfactory. Dr. Ranjan and whole staff are courteous and very good at what they do.

Verified Patient
I was concerned about the infection which occurred in my urinary tract some months back. But due to proper treatment and drugs, given by the doctor, today my infection has been cured by 90%. I will highly recommend the doctor to everyone.

Mr Gaurav Mahajan
Great n the most satisfying experience we have ever had.The best part about Dr Ranjan is his dealing n patience with the patients n their family.He really brings back the zeal in his patients,one starts feeling already cured,bcoz the individual n d family is already going through such trauma.His first meeting only puts u back on a track where one starts feeling that we r in the safest of hands.My brother who is already on d recovery track after his transplant is the example of each n every word I have written.The changes Dr Ranjan has brought back in his life r really incredible. I again want to say the same thing that if some one is facing such traumatic condition then Dr Ranjan is theeeeeeeeeeee only name.With heartfelt thanks n gratitude me n my whole family wish Dr Ranjan all d success n great life ahead.

Heera Singh
This is Heera Singh Daspa, an IT/ITES professional, currently working in learning sector with Next Education India Pvt. Ltd. I am 28 years old and married. This was in January 2013 when I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease

Vikas Vashisht
My name is Vikas Vashisht, and I am working as a Market Research Manager for Asia Pacific at Nokia. My job involves lots of travel and interaction with various / all types of product consumers. I have a family of 6 including myself, my wife, my younger sister, my parents and our dog Cherrry

Davinderpal Singh
Hi, my name is Davinderpal Singh. It's was in September of 2012 when I felt unusual due to sudden weakness, pains and huge loss of appetite. Because of the work I kept on ignoring the fact that I was actually seriously ill

Kundan kumar

Ranjit Singh

Amarjit Singh


Mohit Mani

Noori Khatoon